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Choose your area carefully- When looking for a property try to narrow the catchment area as much as you can in order to save time. It becomes increasingly difficult to compare properties in areas that differ greatly, furthermore the longer the search the more your motivation begins to fade. Decide was is important to you in both social and work aspects and weigh up if the area suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Weigh up your needs- Try to refine your criteria and list what you need from your next home and what is merely a preference. On many occasions buyers usually have to make compromises no matter what their budget is. Once you have your list, set yourself a timescale as having a goal in mind helps the process move forward.

Be on your toes: By responding quickly to news of suitable properties you stand a greater chance of securing your dream home. The best properties tend to attract a lot of interest so being up to date is crucial.

Look beyond the superficial - With time and money you can transform a property into your dream home. With a new coat of paint you can emphasize the positive features and down play the negative. Also, with space at a constant premium a smaller property may be a cost effective alternative with the addition of an extension or loft conversion.

Upon finding your chosen property - Discuss with us your offer and decide on any items of fixtures and fittings you may wish to purchase separately. Waterfields can then ensure that the buying process is as smooth as it can be.

Exchanging contracts- We recommend that you should try to reach an exchange of contracts as soon as you can, as until this time there are few guarantees. The buying process can sometimes be lengthy and frustrating; we therefore will keep in close contact with you and the seller to make sure all predictable delays can be avoided.


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